Pope Francis’ document allowing the blessing of homosexual couples

Pope Francis has recently issued a document changing a 2021 document and making it possible for the clergy to bless homosexual couples.  Blessings cannot be made as part of a church liturgy.  Same sex marriage ceremonies cannot be blessed.

My reading of the Vatican document is that the concept of blessing is to be changed to include the blessing of bad things rather than the blessing of good things with the intention of encouraging the couple to repent and in future do the moral thing.

The problem is that this is unlikely to happen. On 2BL radio this morning, 702, the document was interpreted as the Pope giving his “blessing” to gay unions.  In other words, he is giving limited approval of these unions without, agreeing to gay marriages.

In my view this is heresy!

In my view, it is “the thin edge of the wedge” and, in time, we will have the Church agreeing to same sex marriage.

What is your opinion?

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3 Responses

  1. The clergy have always been able to legitimately bless homosexual individuals. The problem with allowing the clergy to bless homosexual couples is that homosexual individuals are only a couple when they are living together in a sexual relationship. So, in blessing couples, you are really approving of their relationships and the homosexual act.

  2. Cardinal Newman predicted that the Catholic Church would be taken over from within by what called an “Ape of the Church”. Our Lady conveyed something similar to the children at Fatima. Now we are getting to see it in action. The Vatican is now promoting sins that cry out to heaven for justice.

  3. Jesus associated with sinners in the bible, not to bless them but to talk them into changing their sinful ways and to come to be true to the ways of god.

    The blessing of gay couples implicitly accepts their sinful union even though you may write a lot of words to try to say that it doesn’t and so it is not an acceptable act for the church to do.

    I need first to read this document to understand what it is trying to achieve, but what I see so far is the continuing attempt to integrate the values of our current society into the churches teaching and to replace the teaching of Jesus with these modernist values.

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